The KAUST Cookbook

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Every family owns at least one recipe that tells a special story. 60 nationalities of KAUST shared their favorite recipes and want to invite you to a culinary journey around the world.

During the past five years, community member Melanie Balkner-Zielke and former community members Philippa Arkley and Eric Bakken created a cookbook featuring the diverse tastes of the KAUST community. They cooked with over 200 community members and gathered stories from all over the world. This book is more than just a cookbook, so there is no need to be a passionate chef in your kitchen! It is a storybook about people from 60 different nationalities who open their kitchens to share their traditional food culture with the reader.

It is a wonderful souvenir from KAUST, great memories can be cherished and those who are arriving new get a taste of the endless diversity of culture, cuisine, tradition and life here at KAUST.