Village Roaster has partnered with a wide number of Businesses, Cafes, Churches, and Coffee Shops over it's 40 year history.  We provide fresh-roasted beans from origins across the globe for a fair price to our business and organizational customers. 

We ship and will deliver in the west metro area a minimum order of 30 pounds to wholesale customers setup on a regular delivery schedule. 

We import and roast about 4000 pounds a month of coffee from all worldwide growing regions:  Africa, Asia, Indonesia, Central America, South America, and yes, Hawaii. '

Our blends are time-tested by over 40 years of loyal customer love, but we always are open to cupping new blends for you to market and serve in your place of business. 

By submitting your information below, we will send you our wholesale price list and follow up with you right away to answer any questions.