Puerh Tao Cha Tea

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Pu’erh teas are aged and complex - the whiskey of the tea world. The flavor is similar to malt or chocolate or coffee but with a mellow and smooth freshness that is sometimes associated with green teas. All Pu’erhs are made from sun-dried broad leaves from Southeast Chinese Province of Yunnan in a variety of forms.  We carry the mini-sized bricks, known as Tuo Cha - identified by our staff and customers alike as “the little puck teas.”  This form makes them perfect for travel or camping. Pu’erh tea has the highest caffeine content of any black tea, and also has strong antibacterial properties owing to a second oxidation process done by organisms that continue to develop in the tea. This tea is recommended for detoxing or as a hangover cure.  While technically a black tea, this unique tea is really in a class of its own.