Yemen Mocca Hawari

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lemon, maple syrup, chamomile

Grown like no other in the world, on rocky terraces and hand-watered, this comes to us through some of the harshest desert growing conditions in the coffee world. Yemen holds the second oldest tradition of growing amazing coffee, behind its close neighbor Ethiopia, and has been growing coffee in terraces as far back as the 15th century. This coffee is cared for amidst the extreme desert heat and the ongoing civil war that is currently hurting Yemen. To drink this coffee is to humbly stand by those suffering across the globe as they fight to partake in the global market even as hardships come their way. This coffee is unique too as it is dried naturally, generally on the roofs of the houses of local Yemenis in the hot desert sun. Processed in a mill owned and operated by Fatoum Muslot, a woman in a nation that often sees much marginalization, this coffee not only tastes great but is supporting and helping those in a nation they love as it suffers under immense threats. The processing of this coffee gives each cup a unique flavor, but for us, the nice mild lemon tones stand out and are complemented by the distinct floral flavor of chamomile and sweetened with notes of maple syrup. This coffee does not disappoint and we are proud to support the unique people who provide us with these unique flavors.