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At Village Roaster, we sell some of the best teas in the world, both loose leaf tea (the first pick of the tea leaf) and packaged tea.

We purchase teas from a broker that has been in business for five generations. Some of the broker’s original owners served on the American Tea Board, (shortly after the American Revolution), and later followed the tea board from the east to the west. Having participated in the procurement of tea for hundreds of years and established long-standing relationships with the tea growers, they expect nothing but high quality. In fact, they’re quick to pass on a Tea Estate if the quality isn’t up to their standards. The tea brokers provide us with samples that we can cup and taste before we purchase a chest.

Tea is produced in areas where the climate doesn’t freeze, and many of the tea plants are generations old, from India, China, Japan, and throughout the world.

Least to most oxidization (from the time the tea is cut to the time the tea is heated): white tea, green tea, brown tea, oolong tea, black tea. Herbal tea is not from the Camellia Sinensis (botanical name of tea plant). Rather these teas are either herbs or fruits, mixed to create a flavorful cup.

The fermentation process determines what kind of tea it is. The fermentation process involves crushing the tea leaves, allowing them to oxidize, and waiting for the moisture to evaporate. Once the tea leaves reach the desired flavor or color, heat is applied to stop the oxidization and kill the enzymes that were causing the tea to darken. When heat is applied to teas like the Dragon, Phoenix, Pearl, or Gunpowder,  the tea may be rolled into a particular shape.

The length of fermentation dictates the amount of caffeine in the tea. White tea doesn’t have a fermentation process and therefore has a minimal amount of caffeine. On the other end of the spectrum, a black tea has the longest fermentation process and the highest caffeine level. Black, Green, and Brown teas can be decaffeinated, using CO2 in a virtual state (not a gas or a liquid) to extract the caffeine, while still preserving the flavor of the tea.

We can ship tea anywhere in the U.S.

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