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At the Village Roaster, we know coffee! The characteristics, the flavors, the body, the acidity, the aromas…we have a wide selection of specialty and flavored coffees for sale online, roasted or unroasted, in small quantities or bulk.

We only sell 100% Arabica coffee beans, and we work to acquire the best coffee beans in the world. We cup them  to ensure that the beans meet our standards, and we then roast them in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

For the best quality coffee, the bean starts with good farming, proper care and nourishment. We work with farmers who have a passion for the crops that they yield. We only buy from farmers who follow the highest practices and who take good care of their workers. We can hear the pride in the conversations we have with the farmers and the community members; typically, they can’t wait to share the crop with those who enjoy a good cup.

Coffee roasting is both art and science. The art is up to the roaster who determines what the bean can withstand to bring out the romantic, pleasant, and quality flavor, and to develop the sugars and flavors. Miss the mark, and over roasting can burn off the wonderful, flavorful characteristics that a coffee bean has. The science of coffee roasting relies on the elements of time and temperature, but ultimately, it’s up to the roaster to bring forward what the bean has to offer. From there it’s a matter of ensuring the coffee is ground properly and brewed properly (with good quality water).

For a morning coffee, we look for a variety of bright and brisk characteristics. A medium body coffee can be enjoyed throughout the day. And a rich full body coffee can stand up to richer foods and more flavors in the evening. As a boutique-style coffee purveyor, we can mix, match, and blend. We like to have a wide selection, in order to serve coffee that suits your tastes.

Not only do we offer coffees on a consistent basis (Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Kenya), but the roaster also tastes coffees from around the world. We select a few as “visiting” coffees, to give you a sample of what else is out there, such as coffees from Burundi, Peru, and Sulawesi.

We sell some of the best coffee, from around the world, including:

•African coffee (Ethiopia and Kenya) – Hearty and Bold Coffees

•Indonesian coffee (Sumatra Dark Roast, Papua New Guinea, Estate Java) – Smooth and Rich Coffees

•Americas coffee (Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Hawaii, Honduras, and Mexico) – Medium Body Coffees

Most of our coffee products are sold in ½ lb, 1 lb, and 5 lb quantities, available in decaffeinated and regular.

We can ship coffee anywhere in the U.S.